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Torr Home COVID-19 updates

It’s 2021 and as the Coronavirus pandemic continues, we at Torr Home have put in place stringent procedures so our care home, the Glendor Centre, and our retirement apartments remain safe.

Latest update

October 20 2020

The current Situation – Following the slow and cautious re-opening of the economy, schools and universities we entered into a new and potentially perilous phase in the management of the Disease. The second spike in infections is already with us and is particularly strong in certain parts of the Country.

For our part we continue to tread very cautiously and at the time of writing we are operating a policy of limiting visits to the Home. All visits by relatives and close acquaintances are by appointment only and subject to constant review as dictated by Local and National guidelines. Please telephone the Home for details of any current restrictions. Visits will be restricted to the recently opened “Visitors’ Centre”. Only in exceptional circumstances, can close relatives be granted very limited visiting rights to our Residents’ bedrooms at Matron’s discretion.

New Residents are always welcome subject to a negative Coronavirus check and appropriate quarantine measures when deemed necessary.


We are taking the welfare of our Residents and Staff extremely seriously during this difficult time and doing all we can to minimise the risk to those in our employment and under our care. Measures in place in no particular order include:

On a positive note, staff continue to stay motivated and are keeping their spirits high whilst delivering the very best care possible.